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Improvable: Orphanage Improvable: Orphanage

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Typically I like strong dialogue and character interactions, rather then visual gags, but I really think the orphan master made this video hilarious.

Spiderman in the Kawaii W Spiderman in the Kawaii W

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This was very good! The art style is really nice and your coloring technique is awesome. The writing is awesome and you did a very clever take on all popular animes. But sometimes the movement got a little weird.

Gabe Newell at E3 Gabe Newell at E3

Rated 2 / 5 stars

(I don't know if this review is useless to you now and you've improved since then, but whatever)

Voice acting- The voice acting captures the script perfectly, and every character's voice fits in with what they were saying and how they look.
Script- The main joke of the video was funny and the jokes were funny. The pacing of the video is spot on.
Lip-Syncing- Not much to say, just that the lips on each character moved near perfect to what they were saying.

Color Palette- A lot of the colors in this video are all the darker version of colors (Mostly) Just look at the first glimpse of his computer. Try not to take each color to the extreme (Too light/dark) And get just the perfect mixture. If you wanna know what I mean by perfect mixture,I think you did it pretty well with the blonde character.
Animation- The animation got kind of weird at times (Except of course the lip-syncing) I think sometimes the characters move way too fast. Just look at when the main character bites the other character's ear off. I had to rewind to see what happened to his ear and why there was blood on the guys face. Also sometimes looked a bit chopy.
Drawing- The drawings for the most part looked extremely crummy and the lines are really broken. Just press Control+Z to undo and then draw the line again, it may be tedious, but it works. The characters ears/limbs/chin never seem to really fit with the rest of the body.

Recent Game Reviews

Sonic Platformer DEMO 1.2 Sonic Platformer DEMO 1.2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Okay, I'm gonna give constructive criticism and compliment.
Like the spindash
Like how the badniks explode
Good Physics
Lack of original music
Better level design
Action button should be Space bar
Don't use Metal Sonic as a badnik, the only Sonic character that should be used as a badnik is E-102 (And he's dead)
Needs better hud.